So why should you become a member?

Each season an Enhanced CD will be delivered right to your mailbox! This is a very easy-to-use program - just insert the CD into your computer disk drive and experience the new music right away. Utilize the option of printing out a sample score and follow along as you listen. Then when you find the selections you like, simply follow the link and purchase online (tax-free in most states).  There has never been an easier way to select your choir's new repetoire! 

The technology of the Enhanced CD makes Choral Circle the world's very first Paperless Choral Club!  No more hassling with multiple stacks of choral octavos that only end up being clutter!  No more concern in ditching unwanted titles into landfills!  One CD contains everything you need.  By joining Choral Circle, you'll be doing something good for you and your environment!

#3  It's EASY!
Select your choir particulars, fill in your shipping information and you're done! 

#4  It's FREE! (well, almost)
Our goal is to showcase the finest products from the finest choral music publishers, and provide the best service at a very low price. And what better price is there than almost free? We believe that music is essential to the betterment of life and that musical excellence should be pursued at every opportunity. Therefore, we don’t charge a membership fee and simply request that you pay a modest amount every year to cover the cost of shipping. We are able to present Choral Circle Club membership in this way because of the generous support of our publishers.




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