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Welcome to The Choral Circle
An unprecedented collaboration of Choral Music Publishers

Our Mission

To bring the newest pieces of music to every church, school and community choir director in America and the World.

To provide an innovative, cost effective and convenient way for choral directors to enhance and expand their choral music libraries.

Who We Are

Choral Circle was created to bring the newest pieces of music to the doorstep of every choir director in America.  Over 3000 conductors in more than 10 countries have experienced the most recient choral pieces on the market from the comfort of their own homes.  Choral Circle brings the freshest selections to church, school and community choirs around the world.


  The Enhanced CD

The Enhanced CD is a remarkable new technology that allows us to give you audio tracks of choral works and sample print copies, all on one CD.  Also included is background information on each piece and an easy check-out system to purchase the music. The Enhanced CD is useable in a regular CD player so you can still play it if there isn’t a computer available. These disks are also easy to store for future reference. 

The Enhanced CD Demo! 
*In order to use this demo please disable your browser's pop-up blocker.  Depending on your connection speed, please allow a few minutes for download.



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